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Bergbos Animal Clinic Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Protea Animal Clinic CC t/a Bergbos Animal Clinic (Hereafter “Bergbos”and “us” or “we”) would like to provide details of how we store and treat the personal information of our clients in accordance with the POPI act No 4 of 2013 (Hereafter “POPIA”)

This Privacy Policy describes how Bergbos collects your personal information as well as your rights and choices regarding your information. This includes any information that may be collected in person or by any electronic means including on our web site, on social media and on mobile platforms. It includes any information collected in writing or verbally.

2. Personal information that we collect

Bergbos is subject to the “Protection of Personal Information Act” no 4 of 2013. That came into effect on 1 July 2020. Private and public organizations have until 1 July 2021 to fully comply with the law. Personal information is defined in POPIA as information relating to an identifiable, living, natural person and where it is applicable, an identifiable, existing juristic person.

Bergbos utilizes a veterinary management program called Vetmaster. All the personal information is stored on our server at the premises at 1 Bergbos Avenue, Protea Park, Rustenburg. Daily backups are done on an external hard drive as well as on the servers of Libralex in Pretoria.

The following information is collected and stored to our data base.

We also collect information that doesn’t identify you namely:

3. Ways in which personal infromation is collected

We usually obtain clients’ information directly from the clients when they visit for the first time. The receptionists will require a client to fill in a form that asks all the information as stated above. During lockdown we have however stopped using the forms for safety sake and therefore the information has been logged immediately as it is obtained from the clients.

In future we may make use of our web page or an electronic device located in the practice on which clients can fill in their details.

We endeavour to make sure all clients’ information is correct on subsequent visits.

4. Legal basis for obtaining personal information

All information obtained by us is necessary for our normal day to day activities. All veterinary practices are required by law to identify clients properly in order for a veterinarian-client relationship to exist. Clinical diagnoses and treatment may only be done if such a veterinarian-client relationship exists. Information regarding the client’s animals must also be kept so that treatment of an animal or group of animals may be tailored specifically for that animal or group of animals.

Although we largely operate on a cash basis it is sometimes necessary to grant clients credit in which case it is important to keep their information current. In the case of non-payment, it is also important to have the minimum amount of information to enable us to recover the outstanding fees.

5. Use of personal information

Personal information is used to identify clients and their animals. It is necessary to preserve the legal veterinarian-client relationship and to help with follow up treatment as well as the recall of a patient’s history to be able to make informed decisions regarding treatment. It is also useful in cases where animals stray from home to be able to find their owners.

Personal information is never given out to third parties except in cases of non-payment in which case the information will be given to debt collecting agency to enable them to collect the outstanding amount.

6. Sharing of your information

Your personal information will only be shared with a third party in the following circumstances:

7. Safeguarding of your information

Bergbos will do all in our power to protect and safeguard the information entrusted to us from accidental or unlawful loss, alteration, unauthorized access or revelation by implementing reasonable and fitting physical and technical measures. We also require Libralex, where all our backups are stored, to do the same. All our employees have to login with their own user names and passwords on a regular basis and it is thus impossible for anyone not an employee to have access to the information.

8. Period of storing your personal information

According to law all information related to our clients and patients for a period of five years. Information of clients will be kept as long as they are in bona fide a veterinarian-client relationship with us. When this veterinarian-client relationship is broken due to the client relocating or choose to move to another veterinarian, the information will still be kept for a further five years whereafter the information will be deleted.

9. Updating of this policy

This policy may be updated from time to time as necessary. The last date of the update will be noted at the end of this policy.

10. Contact details

For any queries, complaints or requests in relation to any aspects of your personal information the following routes may be followed:

Last update: 2 June 2021

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